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Welcome to itwonthurtabit.gr

itwonthurtabit.gr is the personal vision of the dentist Mr Dimitrios Chatzoudis, who believes that helping patients to feel good about themselves and their appearance is equally as important as caring for their teeth. Established in September 2016, it’s a practice where patients receive the latest dental and cosmetic treatments in comfortable, modern surroundings and where even nervous patients can overcome their fears and feel at ease.

We are a family practice, so we work with both adults and children. We believe that the best dentistry is no dentistry at all, so we make sure that we provide the preventative care and support that will help busy adults and their families maintain their dental health and avoid problems costly and uncomfortable. We encourage our patients to anticipate potential problems and eliminate the factors that we know cause dental disease, our focus is on helping people become and stay healthy while improving their appearance. Where conditions are not optimal, we focus on restoring health and stability with dentistry that is appearance enhancing.

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